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Christoffer Nedergaard

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Study Space - School project

Student platform


Study Space was a school project in collaboration Aarhus based company Lix. The focus was to creative value for students,with a new digital tool.

Study space

UX project

We live in a time where agile work environments, get more and more attention and is being used in a lot of companies and school. Group work is therefore a big thing in people’s lives.

In collaboration with the Aarhus based company Lix, this project focused on the user group students. To hit a lang range of students, the team sought out to a lot of different educations. This was to find patterns trough out the different educations, so the team could build a value-creating concept. In this project group work, on higher educations, became the focuspoint.  

Key methods

User insight research

Mental models

UX patterns

Honeycomb model

Plantorama - School project

Omnichannel concept


The scoop for this school project, was to show Plantorama how they, with personalized and segmented channels, could create an omnichannel  ecosystem, that could provide Plantorama with greater customer loyalty.

omnichannel concept

Cross media

The challenge in the project, was to connect Plantorama’s different channels and create a cohesive experience, in a more personalized way for their customers.

Here different stakeholders was analyzed and discussed, to achieve the right scope. Plantorama in Egå located near Aarhus, was used to understand their customers user journey, both in store and online.

Key methods

Planning Prototyping


Content strategy

Customer journey




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Grønli’ learning experience

UX project

The project”Verdensrummet i Aarhus” was made in collaboration with DOKK1. The focal point of this case was the 17 UN SDG goals. With this project, DOKK1 wanted to receive conceptual ideas for a multifunctional activity areas with unique learning environments. 

To inform children about the possibility of a sustainable future. In addition, the client wanted the team to use Aarhus’ cultural history around the Viking Age to create identity.

Key methods

Probe Tools

The Can-if Map

MoSCoW Prioritization

Usability Test

About Me

Hi there! I'm Christoffer, a 25 year old danish digital concept developer from Aarhus. "Always stay creative" that's my moto, and i practise what I preach. Besides my love for user centered design, I got a history of producing music, and it all started when I was around 14 years old. Since then I have released songs and remixes for danish DJs and singers. In 2018 I was signed to a management called Fantastic, where i am still signed today. My love and urge to creative, started as a young boy, where my brother and I made soapbox cars and explored my dad's workshop to find something we could build from. I have always been someone who wanted to make people happy and creative something that could make their everyday life a bit better. I guess that's why designing things for people, is such a big part of me and my passion for user experience.

Skills & tools

UI design

Working with UI design trough my education, internship and work, I have learned different theory and tools. I have worked both in Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

UX design

User insights are a essential way of design thinking. Through my education I have had a user centered approach to all my work, to reach the best user experience possible.

Graphic design

Character design, report design, poster, infographics and other graphical tasks, have made my love using both Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.


I have worked with web design privately and trough projects in school and internship. This have giving me skills with CMS systems as WordPress and Elementor and basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.


Making video content have always been a passion of mine, working with software like Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.


In my 25 years of living I have been working in different industries. After my degree at Silkeborg Business College, I traveled 6 month in Australia, working voluntary on organic farms. Trough my education on Aarhus Business Academy, i have been in two internships, working with user experience in an experience economy company and in a design bureau.


& current workplace

Christoffer has a dedicated and professional approach to his work and he has been good to teamwork with colleagues at design-people and our customers. Based on our experiences, I want to give Christoffer my best recommendations and wishes for the future.

– Klaus Schroeder, Design-People


August 2020


september 2021


Christoffer threw himself into all tasks with high motivation and showed an unprecedented great independence and structure in his work. The quality of his work we have never been able to put a finger on, no matter the nature of the task.

– Morten Rye Fryland, Playground Marketing ​


January 2019



Bachelor project

In my bachelor thesis I choose to work with the company Triax. Here I worked with their new casting product for hotels. The challange was to design a new user journey with different, both digital and physical touch points, that should guide and encourage users to interact with their new casting service. Through this work i visited different hotels and made observations with existing competitor services, to get first impressions and see best practices. I also made userinterviews to study their needs in hotels and specifically their use of infotainment in hotels. To that I observed their behaviour with the existing ChromeCast solution in privat homes, to make mental models, that could make the foundation of how to interact with the new product.

Contact me

For more information on specific projects or just a opportunity to say hallo, don’t hesitate to write or call me.

Phone: +45 60 82 75 85