Omnichannel project

The purpose with this project was to show how Plantorama, how they with segmented and personalized content trough their own channels, could get more loyal customers, and creative more sales and conversions.

Brugt metoder:

Persona / storyworld

Planning Prototyping / 
Designing Games

Content strategy

Customer journet

Customer latter

Customer club

In a conceptual mock-up is a new app designed, with to purposes. One to collect leads and give Plantorama the possibility to creative customer centered content for each different segment. The customer club should give each individual customer a personalized platform, to get valuable content.

This is made on the basis of an interest profile the customer must fill in at registration, which must help to retain the customer. In addition, there is a points system that allows the customer to collect points via purchase, which can then be used in the store. In addition, several membership benefits such as events, arrangements and membership offers must also take place through the platform. All these initiatives must create a unique experience and give customers at Plantorama extra special value.

Value latter

If the implementation of this initiative is successful, Plantorama will move further up the stairs. This is done by working more intensively on segmenting the target audience and then approaching the upper steps around Personalization & Personalized Timing.

Personified e-mails

As an example, two different newsletters have been prepared, for the purpose of showing what targeted content can look like. Based on the leads collected from the customer club, Plantorama can send out more personalized newsletters to their customers. In this case, the starting point is two different female recipients. One is elderly, homeowner, as well as interested in herb garden and garden furniture. The other is young, student, living in apartment and interested in applied art and indoor plants. Based on this information, the newsletters are tailored for the purpose of hitting more specifically, with the content the customer finds interesting and relevant.

Customer journey

The user journey is therefore optimized to be circular and dynamic, as the content that the user receives is updated according to the user’s behavior. Thus, through theories and methods within Cross Media marketing, it has succeeded in creating a concrete strategy for how Plantorama can utilize data collection to improve the experience for customers and which in theory will create increased loyalty.


An implementation of a beacon, makes it possible to personalize content directly to the individual customer, upon arrival in the store. This gives Plantorama the opportunity to expose the customer to offers and other important news when the customer is in the store.

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