Grønli' SDG learning app

The project”Verdensrummet i Aarhus” was made in collaboration with DOKK1. The focal point of this case was the 17 UN SDG goals. With this project, DOKK1 wanted to receive conceptual ideas for a multifunctional activity areas with unique learning environments. That informs the possibility of a sustainable future. In addition, the client wanted the team to use Aarhus’ cultural history around the Viking Age to create identity.

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Grønli’ is a learning-based app that, with gamification, puts sustainability at the center, in a fun and easily digestible way. The app is built around “challenges” that will connect DOKK1 and the wooden schooner Brita Leth, together with Grønli’s app. The Viking mascot “Gro Grønli” guides the students through the experience and break down sustainability from being indefinable to being fun and useful.

The schools register their classes for the unique offer and choose a course in which they want to participate. The classes are taught at Brita Leth, where a new “challenge” is introduced on Grønli’s app. The teaching at Brita Leth is related to the challenge of the app, which serves as homework where students can utilize their knowledge in practice.


On the app, students can complete their challenge after class, which deals with the teaching of Brita Leth. In order to keep the students on the user interface, they will receive good tips from Gro Grønli ’. In addition, students can participate in “competitions”, where they internally in the class, and against other students from other schools, can compete against each other in a quiz-based game.


This game based on sustainability, is about getting 3 right answers in a row. All the questions contain facts about sustainability, based on the 17 SDG goals followed by a related question. The entire experience on the app can be read out loud by Gro Grønli’ to students with reading difficulties, as well as to create a fun and easy atmosphere on the platform.

Teaching area at DOKK1

Raised beds at DOKK1 will give students knowledge about local vegetables, how and when they are grown. In this concept, we take our starting point with the potato, where history about the vegetable and the Vikings’ way of life are linked together, to create a common thread between Aarhus’ history and sustainability.

Brita Leth is used to take the students on a journey where they “sail” back in time to the potato’s origin and see its journey to Denmark. After they come “ashore” they will learn about the potato in the raised beds located right beside the ship.

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